Short Essay #5
Interpreting Picasso

In a one-page essay (typed of course), summarize Bruce Cole's analysis and interpretation of Picasso's The Studio. Concentrate on specific key points in Cole's discussion of the work, clarifying and elaborating on his remarks.

THE RUBRIC (once again)
Style - Focus - Development - (Research) - Documentation

As usual, I'm looking first and foremost at the degree of stylistic polish and sophistication you demonstrate in your work. After that, I'm hoping to find papers that establish a clear and narrow focus in the introductory paragraph, a focus that is then sustained throughout. Next comes development; I'm looking for papers that not only hit all of Cole's key points regarding this painting, but also manage to clarify and extend his points. Research is obviously not a component in this in-class writing assignment; however documentation IS required. No, I don't want an MLA Works Cited page (though you will most likely want to cite Cole's book in your final research paper.) What I want here is a demonstration of your ability to use MLA in-text (i.e., parenthetical) citation to designate the points at which you quote from and paraphrase Cole's book in your essay.

The Nuts and Bolts:

1. Paper Length: This is a ONE-PAGE, multi-paragraph essay.

2.  Style: Carefully edit your essay for style (grammar, syntax, and usage), organization (polished paragraphs with strong topic sentences), and argumentation (strong thesis well supported by focused development).

3.  Submission Format: Set your margins at 1-inch on all sides of the page. Select Times New Roman 12-point font. Indent all paragraphs Ĺ-inch, and DONíT skip a line between them. If you have any additional questions regarding formatting, consult the MLA Handbook.

4. Due Date: Paper is due at the end of the class period today. When you've finished editing and polishing your work, print it out and turn it in.